Roon, NAD C368, Wifi/Cable?


So I’m considering buying Roon. I did the 14 day test period at a point in time and I really liked it.

If we say my Core will be a PC (Later on I plan on getting a dedicated Core). Is there a way to get the Music when I use Tidal/Qobuz etc. From the Core to the NAD C368 - That’s not WIFI? Or will everything being streamed from the Core be via WIFI?

Follow-up question. Will I risk loss in sound quality etc. By doing it over WIFI - If WIFI is the only solution?

Roon recommends a wired ethernet connection. Some people have success with WIFI, others, not so much. Is the NAD a Roon ready device? If not you might need a Roon bridge such as a Raspberry Pi running RoPieee. You can assemble one for less than $100.

Both my Core and NAD C368 is wired to the Router. But that doesn’t mean I can stream music from the Core (PC) -> Router -> NAD C368 does it?

NAD C368 with the BlueOS module should be Roon ready.

If it’s all connected using ethernet and your end-point is Roon ready, you should be good to go. Tidal and Qobuz will flow from your router to your Roon core device for processing. From there, flow is back to your router and on to your Roon end-point device and sound system.

I’m not sure how a BlueOS module enters into the equation. If it’s not Roon ready, you might need another Roon bridge device.