Roon n'affiche qu'une partie des pochettes / Roon only displays part of the covers

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Dac Bel Canton 2.5 Intel NUC

Description Of Issue
Roon fonctionne tres bien mais il manque la moitiee des pochettes de ma bibliotheque musicale alors qu elles existent. Que faire?

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Roon only displays part of the covers

Roon works very well but it lacks half of the covers of my music library while they exist. What to do?

Est-ce que les albums manquent ou juste les pochettes?
Are the albums missing or just the covers?

Pouvez-vous fournir une capture d’écran du problème s’il vous plaît?
Can you provide a screenshot of the problem please?

Hi @Stephane_Bertin,

Can you elaborate on this issue a bit? Is only half of your library showing? How many tracks total are in Roon (you can find this in Overview) and how many should you have?

Can you share some screenshots so we can better understand the problem?

Pouvez-vous développer un peu cette question? La moitié seulement de votre bibliothèque est-elle diffusée? Combien de pistes au total Roon (vous pouvez trouver cela dans l’aperçu) et combien devriez-vous avoir?

Pouvez-vous partager quelques captures d’écran afin que nous puissions mieux comprendre le problème?

9300 disks in my library. A lot of jackets are missing even when I change options to capture them: only pictures are missing: I can play all my library

Well, the 3 Ben Websters can be taken care of by “merging” the artists… long press and from the top “3 dot” menu, choose “merge”. The KB reference is here:, scroll down to “ Merging People and Compositions”

Hi @Stephane_Bertin,

Whether or not we have artwork is going to depend on a few things. First, we might not have artwork for every artist. We are always getting more artwork available to us, but there are some cases, especially with lesser-known artists, that we might not have any artwork or other data available.

In addition to this, there are some cases where the artist data on an album, particularly unidentified albums, isn’t fully correct. The Ben Webster example is one of these cases — The artist should just be Ben Webster (and possible another artist along with Ben Webster) but the full name shouldn’t be “Ben Webster & Harry Edison Sextet”. There are a couple options to address this:

First, you could try identifying the album associated with this artist. It might be possible that we don’t have data for this album, but if we do, it’s it’ll help to ensure that your artist data is accurate.

The second option is to use the Merge Artists function as MJB mentioned above to merge the multiple extra Ben Webster artists with the main artist.

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