Roon + NAS + DAC

Dear Everybody, my name is Marco, an audiophile from Milano, Italy.

I actually listen to my library of files by:
Node 2i + Bryston BDA-2 DAC
My music library is stored on a NAS Qnap TS251+ reaching the Node via Ethernet and I play it by Bluos software on my mobile and tablet.

Some friend of mine suggested I could not use the Node anymore, in case I subscribed to Roon, using it as a server on my NAS and commanding it by the Roon APP on my mobile or tablet.

Is this idea correct or I am missing something?
Sincere thanks in advance for your kind advice, ciao, Marco

PS: BTW I am ready to replace my BDA-2 with another DAC which can be connected via LAN

You can co tinue to use the 2i. Lots of roon users do so.

Dear Ged, I don’t see the advantage of doing so.
Bluos is free and works very well.
I could mind of paying the subscription to Roon in case I can do without the Node and sell it out or use it in another set.
Thanks for helping me understand. Ciao, Marco

I’m not sure then what you were asking.

If you’re going to buy a LAN-connected DAC, you won’t need the Node in any case, but you will need some software (like Roon) to play your music on the new DAC. Or you could continue to use the Node, and stream to the new DAC from it, in which case you could continue to use BluOS. Your choice.

Very kind of you. The fact is that the Node only plays up to 192-24 (same as my Bryston BDA-2) and in case I like to upgrade to higher resolution I was wondering if I could do it without a player.
I was thinking to upgrade to Bryston’s BDA-3 but a few minute ago I got the answer by the manufacturer that it is not working without a player. Only their BDA3.14 does.
Best always, Marco

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