Roon - NAS - Power supply

I use Qnap HS-264 with Roon Server als core.

The big Q - would it from a SQ make sense to buy a better power supply.

The only information that I have about the current power supply is: “Power Supply Unit- 60W adapter, 100-240V”

Would is make sense? What would be a good choice?

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The short answer?..No.


So a Audiophile Linear Power Supplier with a NAS would not bringe any improvement.

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Torben, if you’d browsed the forum a bit, you would have probably found out that there are subjective and objective camps regarding fringe audiophile cases and their audible merits.


So just read up on those and don’t start yet another thread that’ll turn into a waste of internet traffic…



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If you use a LPS for a computer, on the computer’s motherboard there are all kind of voltage regulators as different components need a different voltage, and these are SMPS.

So, even if you are using a linear power supply to power the PC, at the end of the day, the components are still powered by internal SMPS.


THX Rugby :slight_smile:

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No problem. Even with that, some people can hear differences, some do not. I personally haven’t ever heard a difference when used with a computer (or switch), but, if you can get one with a good return policy, you can try and listen for yourself.

For the full experience you could put the power supply in an appropriate cabinet :grinning:

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Will do :+1::sunglasses::smirk:

i trust your judgement :+1: Have a nice WE

Puh some strange and very generic „recommendations“ are made here.
I would recommend just starting with an ifi iPowerX 12V for your NAS (which has an easy return policy) which is about €100,- and you can easily see for yourself.

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… which likely is the main issue …

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You believe people are not able to judge on their own? :thinking:

No, that’s not what I meant…
Playing with words, tongue in cheek, because usually one should rather hear than see the improvement… oh well

Haha well I definitely meant hearing the difference, anything else doesn’t count :slight_smile: