Roon native version for Apple Silicon [done]

TLDR but when will native M1 support occur?

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Dear Roon-Team,

please give us a native M1 version of Roon.
That would be great!

Thank you,

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Hey gang, as Danny mentioned in this thread, work is currently underway on this. We can’t provide a timeline for release as we have several development projects in the pipeline simultaneously. We appreciate your patience. :+1:t2:


Starting from build 943 “an iPad with external input devices now matches the user experience of Roon on macOS”, so would it be possible to enable installing the iPadOS version on Apple silicon Macs? @danny

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No, it is not possible…

Well, it’s not exactly the same because of the iOS sandbox. Also many items, such as the private zone stuff, probably would need some effort.

I can ask the team to look into it but given that I’m running a beta of native Apple-silicon Roon on my M1, the “native” part is not a good reason for this.


Thanks for the reply. Really exciting to see that screenshot!

Oh my god yes ! I can’t bear it than the two app that are still not optimized yet on my m1 max is Roon and Qobuz, the later is supposed to come out on native version tomorrow ! So Roon will be the last one.

I’d be more than happy to participate in a “beta” version of the native apple silicon version and report possible issue with it.


Qobuz for Apple Silicon is already released, but their website isn’t updated yet: Qobuz Feature Requests - Page 22 - Networking, Networked Audio, and Streaming - Audiophile Style

And yes, I would also be more than happy to participate in native apple silicon beta testing… @danny


Thanks for the heads-up ! Just download the Apple Silicon version of Qobuz, damn boy this is faster than intel version!
This make Roon feels even slower ahah!

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Yes, please to releasing iPadOS version to all silicone Macs.
I use my M1 Mac’s exclusively as Remotes I know others use them as Core’s but in my book less is more and unless I’m missing a key point the iPadOS version would tick all of my boxes.

My M1 continues to run flawlessly with all the latest updates…no issues with mine …1TB 16MB. I use it as my core and where I store and use Room Correction Convolutions with Roon

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I had spinning ball issues all weekend (i9 SGC core). It was bad on iOS remotes but much worse on M1 Mac as the remote. Is this related?

Hugo, you raised your issue elsewhere as well - and I suggested there that your best course of action would be to raise a support request directly.

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Source for this assertion?

Roon is the only app that I use regularly that is not native on Apple Silicon. A quick check of the 665 processes showing in Activity Monitor shows only Roon running under Rosetta 2. I have tiny app from Synology that syncs files to my NAS that is also still Intel, and that’s it.

All of the other cross-platform apps are Apple Silicon native, e.g., entire Microsoft Offie suite, HandBrake, my VPN client, 1Password, my open source RSS feed reader, etc. HandBrake, to take one example, had serious framework dependencies, and it’s open source so nobody is getting a monthly fee to maintain it.

Even Linux can run on Apple Silicon now.

Roon dragging its feet on this for more than two years is inexcusable, especially when every new Roon release running on a fully up-to-date M1 Mac has major bugs. It’s been this way for months, and support posts here go ignored for weeks on end.


I’m still running a few Rosetta apps, notably Fusion 360, Plex, Maya, Authy, Whatsapp Desktop, etc. I’m also having trouble with some other apps, for example, a Bedrock Minecraft app so I can do Minecraft with the kids from my Mac.

It’s been getting better every week, and that post was from 9 weeks ago. Since then, Plex has released a beta, but I don’t run the beta so I haven’t tried yet. I also got Roon beta.

Those few apps do not make the statement “The majority of the world has not become Apple Silicon ready…” true. The majority of apps are Apple Silicon ready. Even 9 weeks ago…

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If we are doing this pissing contest, then I can easily state that you grossly underestimate the number of apps that do/will not get recompiled… ever.

The reality is that there are many apps that are still not M1 native yet, Roon included. Many more will never be M1 native, but Roon will be.


Sir. This is no pissing contest. It is a genuine concern/irritation for many paying Roon members. If I look at my activity monitor there are ONLY 3 apps/services out of hundreds that are not native. 2 of those are Roon and RAAT! Personally I don’t care about the many apps that may or may not get ported. It’s completely irrelevant. We are discussing Roon. Unfortunately there is a constant attempt to censor or divert attention from the fact that Roon is still lagging way behind most in this regard. This is classic magic trick stuff…look over there!
“Many more will never be M1 native, but Roon will be.” I wish I was encouraged by this, but with no timeline or any other relevant info, it remains an empty promise.


You’re never going to get a timeline, but there is a alpha/beta version in the works. It’ll come, but no one knows when.

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