Roon needs a better Wiki

Roon,. like most other complicated apps, needs a real WiKi with links, searchable contents (all in one place), a real table of contents, etc.etc.

They need to hire a technical writer for a few months, maybe an unemployed English major with a background in comp. sci…

BTW - I made the same suggestion to JShiver and got banned from the forum for a month.


It isn’t current, so several functions won’t be in here. As it was said, takes a lot of resources to keep documentation up to snuff.


Agreed, the Roon Knowledge Base has become a bit unwieldy, despite its clean appearance - stuff seems to be hidden away in there all over the place, particularly as features are added or enhanced. Perhaps it should be broken more into sections according to task.

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As a person who is perpetually referring to and linking the KB I really wish that it was more integrated into the product, this Forum and the Roon website. Many new users remain completely ignorant of the existence of the KB.


Amen! It shouldn’t be so hard to find this invaluable resource.

I know there is software that would make a WiKi, for any type of exposition, that would be the same as the model used in Wikipedia.

Its lack in Roon, when the principals had the foresight to use the Discourse forum software, is perplexing.

You talking to me Slim? English yes (degree), science yes (degree)…unfortunately not computer science & I’m not unemployed.

However, it does sound like an interesting proposal/project.

Hope you don’t get banned here. Bah…life is about calculated risks. :grin:


@Scott G.

Thank you for the link. :grinning:

That’s help me.

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