Roon needs always needs sign in

Roon Core
QNAP 1677 NAS with latest Roon update, life time license.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

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Description Of Issue
Since the last update after the NAS is starting, Roon asks always to sign in again to my account, which takes several minutes and was never needed before the update. After the sign in Roon asks my to deauthorize the QNAP.

Furthermore I receive every second login the metacrawler error message. As my NAS goes every evening down and starts every morning to save energy this is very unpleasant. Anything I can do?

Thanks Bernd

It may be worthwhile stopping Roon in the App Centre then downloding the the updated Roon App below and manually update it. I have already downloaded/installed it and have stopped getting the “Sign In” request.

Hello @Bernd_Winterhalter, and welcome to the community! Can you send a screenshot of the message you’re getting? Thanks!

Hello Nuwriy,

I will try, but just installed the fixed program from Scotav. Tomorrow morning after my server comes up from energy saving during the night I will know and can make screen shots in case the problem continues to be.



Sounds great @Bernd_Winterhalter, let me know!

With the patched version from Scotav it started this morning without any problems and exactly as before the update. Thanks Scotav for providing this solution.



Good to hear Bernd. Glad you’re back up and running again.

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Hey @Bernd_Winterhalter, glad to here things are working! Please let us know if you have further issues in the future. We’re happy to help!

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