Roon needs Memory feature

The home page is great ,but would be a lot better
If room could memorize where you were on a track
or Album you selected before your current selection

I end up having to go to the pencil and paper route

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I’ve moved your post into the Roon Software category of the forum, where it seems more appropriate to be.

Roon does keep track of your browsing, and you can retrace of follow your browse path via the forward and back arrows - or are you meaning something else?

No ,I mean when you play a long track like a radio show
and your in-the middle of the track and you start a new album

Latter when you want to go back to that spot in the radio
Show ,Roon goes back to the beginning,
Roon remembers your last albums ,but not the spot in the track When you left to go to something different

OK, thanks for the clarification.

This sounds like a feature request, so I’ll move this thread into that category. Don’t forget to Vote for your own suggestion…