Roon Needs screen scaling!

Hello. I have here a Windows 10 PC connected to a big screen 55" TV. Display is at default resolution, 1920x1080, but also use recommended Windows scaling of 150% to increase text and icons for internet and all programs for viewing from a sofa 2 meters away, for this it has been perfect, but unfortunately Roon is TOO big on this scaling setting, almost unusable. As I’m not about to change windows scaling every time I run Roon, I’d would love the ability to scale Roon down a little to fit better on TV display.


You could try forcing Roon to override the Windows scaling setting and use a scale factor of 1

Roon.exe -scalefactor=1

Thanks for reply,
where do i make these changes?
… don’t worry found it, did it in the shortcut, it worked thanks!