Roon needs to perform search for files / folders

Roon what I think is a good system, but it is not complete because it can not perform a search for files / folders, it is also not possible to browse the covers (performed a scan in person) within a folder.
All discs are not covered by metadata is lost and not found with the search. For classical music is a disaster.
At the end it is a Roon is not mature. Often the music lovers do not cling to the most common metadata records but have much more special.

Also it would be good to develop an official version for NAS.

If there are no projects on these issues, I can not stay with Roon

They are working hard about it. Over time, they will get there. You can post your recommendations in the “Roon 1.3 : Top Priorities” thread. The COO read that thread.

I, myself, have qualms about it particularly with regard to interface so we’ll see.

It’s not intended to, it’s a music library management system and inteface, not a file manager.


Nonsense. They’re still in your library and searchable based on tag metadata, but marked as unidentified.

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It’s a year old and undergoing heavy development. The next release is aimed at metadata improvements specifically, including editing/ adding as well as improving the way classical etc. is dealt with.

Where is this option?

I’d like to suggest that what we’re seeing here is a contrast in paradigms:

  • If you think of your collection as having a finite, and well known set of albums, then any meta-data tagging/interpretation is a disaster. You can’t find the things that you know are there! An example of this is the awkward current handling of composers. When you search for Johannes Brahms, you don’t always get Brahms, Johannes.


  • If you think of your collection as an unknowably large collection (thousands and thousands of albums), and are happy doing exploratory queries and unanticipated journeys through your collection, then roon is dramatically more powerful than any other system.

For me, the first is an area where roon needs to get better, and it is (getting better). Every few months, they improve this area (often significantly), and already have it to the point where it is pretty good (if imperfect as of yet). I’m very confident that it will continue to improve.

In the second area (structured queries and deep meta-data linking), roon is unparalleled and regularly improving.

The future looks bright.



You are spot on, and that is why I love it. If I always knew what I wanted to listen to, I would use iTunes and go directly to it.

The value of Roon, IMO, is that you not only get experienced to stuff you had forgotten about, but the back stories and info are right there when listening.

I was thinking of getting a Sonos, but this is the best implementation of airplay I have seen. Don’t need it anymore.


Well differentiated and interesting observation. Part 1 is really to improve and make possible. If the future is Tidal then Roon is very good!
But there is still a part of the past and this has yet to be improve.

We are building a file manager into Roon, but you won’t be able to play music that way. You can only use it as a diagnostic tool.

This is the biggest valid critique of Roon. It’s just not quite there as a product. It keeps getting better, but not there yet and it could take a turn that makes it not what someone wants to pay for because it goes in a direction one doesn’t want to go. That said, it does what I want now and is much better than anything else out there when it comes to streaming computer audio with a very usable interface.

@danny Hmmm, I imagine a lot of things will live in a file manager. Is this where a DR tool might exist?

The only thing in a file manager will be files and the ability to get back to the track in Roon – Roon has never been about files… the entire point was to kill the idea of files from your life, and focus on the music.


Well, you’re in the way to succeeding at that!

we lose sales daily because of this principle… but this is the case of Henry Ford’s “faster horse”.


Files? What are they? I am playing Albums and Tracks and Works. I guess files are something to do with computers like the shelves I store CDs on. The less I have to do with files the better.


No there is still a software that allows you to browse the covers present in a 1 disc folder, refined software like Roon I would expect that, as a real experience similar to the physical disk. This would be revolutionary and would do great Roon.

For many users over the years, they have already organized a very precise structure of folders:

than searching through the folder view, it might be interesting if Roon allows you to view all the discs at least the exact root folder, in the structure of the NAS / PC folders, so you can easily assign a tag recognition.

Or just next to the beautiful vision of Roon absence of files and folders, also allow a more traditional and conservative vision as in other software on the market.

It is to be noted that for example with Synology’s software, the application DS audio - Audiostation and DS Files, on a tablet, allowing you to listen very well with both the music (Audio DS) and browse through the covers (DS File). In some aspects the aspects of Synology applications are superior to Roon and this is not good.

Sorry but I disagree intensely with your view, the only reason to have the ability to see folders and files in Roon is to enable quick access to play with tag settings and to check that files are their if not seen by Roon.


I also disagree. Files and folders are a necessary evil for metadata work, but that’s all. I certainly don’t use them to browse my music collection.


Having a folder view option will certainly help with multidisc sets which are made up of separate albums. It’s difficult to track these down under the current system.