Roon needs to relax their demand full integration of music services

Roon imo needs to move away from their demand of having Spotify ,Apple
,Etc full information required to integrate those music services or end up in the dustbin.
Add Spotify Connect ,Apple Airplay and stop being obstinate .

I will keep Qobuz because of the great integration with Roon .

Maybe offer a cheaper subscription tier that doesn’t include full integration that is available with Tidal and Qobuz .

The clock is ticking and not to Roon’s
benefit . And yes Roon is still the best
music player on the planet .


Too you but it makes rational sense to me

If you read my post ,Roon could do both .Full integration and one that’s not . At different prices .

Why not offer both worlds ?

Because that is not the business model that Roon has chosen. Haven’t you already put this in the Roon Feature Request catagory? There is no reason to keep repeating it.

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Business models that don’t change can end up being the demise of the company . But keep saying it’s not their business model :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Roon is a server why would it add Spotify connect? It serves no purpose to Roon at all. Spotify connect connects to playback devices and appliances not for 3rd party software as a server, most playback devices that stream support connect Why would Roon consider it it add no worth to their system or benefit as it stops you using their interface it stops the need for using Roon. Same goes for Apple music it’s not an airplay receiver it’s a sender. Only one server I know off does connect and that uses open source Spotify code that Roon cannot use due to legal reasons and could stop working if Spotify change their system which they have done before.

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Because it’s a bad idea. It destroys their USP. Also it can’t be done due to licensing.

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Logitech media server could do Spotify with a plug-in called Spotty.

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The best is often the enemy of the good. Or, half a loaf is better than none.

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Where is Logitech as a media business?

The same place Roon will be if they don’t add music services to their platform one way or another .


Alternatively, Roon is a solid lifestyle business that can survive indefinitely without growing from niche to mass. For those of us in that niche, it brings unity and a common interface to heterogenous audio setups, at a cost that is trivial compared with the gear it supports. We couldn’t care less for the gyrations of loss-making music services, although we enjoy the ability to sample new material via streaming if available.


But added by community users, not the commercial side. Don’t get me wrong. I use LMS and Spotty.

You don’t seem to understand at all what I responded with which was about LMS and why it can’t be used in Roon. LMS is open source it is not for profit and used open source licensing of librespot, which cannot be used in a product that is commercial. It’s tolerated you put that code in a fully commercial product your open to lawsuits. It is also completely unsupported by Spotify any commercial product has to be fully licensed to use their code not a reversed engineered hack.

Tidal and Qobuz are the two music services that can integrate with Roon RAAT. The others are NOT compatible.

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Well, not compatible with Roon’s metadata goals, at least. I don’t think RAAT is a blocker, though. Roon streams Internet radio stations via RAAT just fine, for instance.

Streams Qobuz and Tidal only which are RAAT compliant.

Exactly. Spot on!

Yes, cancel. Go with Spotify. Roon is not for you.

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Maybe Roon could add Apple Music and Amazon HD as radio stations instead of streaming services. You’d still have to use the non-Roon apps to select music, etc., but you’d get the advantages of Roon’s LAN streaming, zones, groups, DSP, etc.