Roon new build update crashing on win10 art GUI is corrupt

I installed the latest update and Roon re built the database with some update. The GUI is all wonky with graphics not displaying correctly and album art blacked out as well. No processes going on in background etc. Roon core has crashed multiple times and doesn’t reset itself.

I re installed the last back up and it’s the same. Had anyone seen this?

I would uninstall Roon and re install from fresh download. I just don’t want to loose my playlists likes and tags. 12TB of music. So the relationships and tags are huge for me.

How would one make sure not to loose the backup folder in the is process. Would the uninstaller delete the backups. I’d think not. Do I rename the folder? Do I go back to the previous back up amd see if that ones not corrupt? If I do I loose the last backup?

Roon is big time expensive and It should have a customer service tell number just saying this does suck

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