Roon - new install - can't find network player

@support installed Roon - it finds some of my network players but not the PS Audio PerfectWave D to A converter (with Bridge II installed).

JRiver has no problem finding it - it’s on the same network (192.168.1 x) and connected to same router via ethernet. Others seem to have no trouble with PS Audio.

Is there a way to direct the Roon to find the player?

Just kibbitzing till the pros get to you, but did you install all the drivers you mght need?

Thanks for asking. I don’t have any idea what drivers you are referring to. There are none referenced in the Roon setup; JRiver doesn’t ask for drivers. The PS-Audio sits as a network player on my network

I note there is another network player on my network - made by Oppo. My apps find it as does the Jriver, but Roon doesn’t see it.

There’s a PS Audio section here in the forum - in one post it was pointed out that firmware needs to be current. See

Ah . . . well firmware is the most current available. Same goes for the Oppo.
Is there any way to force it to look at the IP address or does Roon need to do its own crawl?

MConnect also finds both players on the network and plays fine.

Roon does the scan on its own, I don’t think you can force an IP onto it.

And you’re sure that the Bridge has the current firmware (not just the DAC), as also described here:

Maybe the guys at PS Audio or someone with a PS Audio Bridge II could help out here.

Is it a Roon Ready Oppo player? Which model?

BDP-105 with the latest firmware (according to firmware update page)

That one won’t work as a Roon endpoint over ethernet. Sorry.

Ps-Audio is also out of date i fear. running a Bridge I (not the II) and cant use the latest software updates.

Bad luck here. Maybe you can trade in the Bridge I and get a good deal on the Bridge II at PS Audio? It never hurts to ask… (and the Bridge upgrade might offer more benefits than “just” Roon Readiness)