ROON & new ME2-settings

What are considered best options using my new MQA DAC (‘on the cheap’) i.e. the best settings? Just some suggestions-do I or do I not use DSP and if so what settings what do I enable or disable?
Is it a ‘bad’ thing’ if that red clipping light goes on/off?
How do I ensure that I get 192000Hz or 176000Hz or doesn’t it make any difference if I am getting 24/96 anyway or 24/44.1 from TIDAL?
My system is late 2012 Mac mini i7 16gb RAM the ME2-I use either Sennheiser HD 598’s or RS-195’s and also my AVR.
I listen mainly to TIDAL streams and a little to my 2000+ ripped CD’s in AIFF or ALAC and a few HIRES 96/24 recordings and DVD-AUDIO rips.
I think MQA sounds great and can’t wait for ROON to offer it.