Roon Newbie - I'm baffled

I’ve just installed a Sonore UltraRendu in my system playing to a Schiit Yggdrasil DAC and everything is playing fine via JRiver MC24. I downloaded the free trial of Roon that came with the Urendu to my windows 10 Pro PC and all seemed ok with all my albums imported from the on board SSD in my laptop. However, at the bottom of the screen is the message ‘No Audio Device found’. My DAC is not showing in Settings/Audio. I want to get away from Windows and invest in a dedicated Plug & Play Server ie Nucleus but will not do so until I’ve had a chance to investigate Roon. Any pointers would be most welcome, many thanks. Terry

You might need to turn on roon option in the rendu. Maybe @Jesus_Rodriguez can help here

Hi @Terry_Catlin,

Can you verify that the ultraRendu is setup to to be used with Roon, as outlined here?

Are any devices showing in Settings > Audio?

Any change if you disable your firewall temporarily?

I had initially set Roon within the URendu but must have failed to make the necessary selection when I then went into Roon. I am now playing an album and all is well. Thank you both. I now look forward to getting a Nucleus in the new year.

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