Roon no audio device using Ropieee end point

I recently installed Ropieee endpoint connected to Mytek Brooklyn dac. I have check roon bridge running on Ropiee and it has recognized the DAC using USB.

On my Mac Roon does not see any audio device, I am on the same network as Ropieee. Ropieee is on the same subnet and connected.

If I connect Brooklyn directly to my Mac, it works fine.

Any thoughts?

Have you Enabled the endpoint under Settings > Audio > Networked?

Hello @Tahir_Yasin,

Make sure the Mytek Brooklyn DAC is powered on when trying to enable the zone in the Settings > Audio screen. The zone will not appear if there is no active audio output in RoPiee. If you are still unable to see the RoPiee zone, I would suggest power cycling the Mac running Roon Core, the router, and RoPiee.


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I fixed the issue, here is what I did

  1. Install Roon server Mac seperate LT
  2. Use another LT for roon client connect to separate sever and works fine now. I can Mytek, Auralic, Google etc, devices on the same network.

I believe the issue is the local host file and the IP address of the LT do not work properly on MAC unless you build a DNS config file on MAC.

Any how hope this helps other users. Good Luck

Make sure to enable the AUDIO USB check box

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