ROON no longer available on PC (only through iPhone App)

When I click on “Roon.exe_old” from my PC, the following error occurs:

I still gain access to ROON via my iPhone, but not through PC.


The roon.exe appears to have been renamed. It also looks to be a may date.
Have you upgraded or reinstalled Roon recently?
I would try the 1.8 installer.

I have been running ROON 1.8 since May 2021.

Hi @Greg_Shark,

As @MamaTried suggests, go to the Roon website, download and reinstall Roon 1.8 on your PC.

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Hi @Greg_Shark

I agree as well — Definitely try reinstalling the app from our downloads page and let us know if there is any change.

Thank you for your advice. Before re-installing ROON 1.8, should I first delete the following files that exist on my PC at C:\Users\gshark\AppData\Local\Roon\Application

The reason I am asking is because I am a bit of a novice on these matters and I see that I have other File Folders under ROON with data in those Folders:

Don’t delete anything, just download and re-install the App and then report back if all is well or not.

If not then then Roon’s support team will advise on next steps.