Roon no longer connects to my nucleus

Roon Core Machin

apply mac OS Monterey 12.6

Arrived back to my FL house after 3 months away; launched ROON on my MAC and it kept asking for an upgrade to instal but would not so I went to my newer MAC running Monterey; i logged into ROON and somehow managed to make it play Tidal through airplay to my stereo as usual however - it is not connect to my nucleus - my MAC is acting as a CORE. – help please

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so as I continue to try and figure this our seems like the nuclues is running 2.0 and the MAC Roon is running 1.8 - totally not compatible so I seem to have a $1200 “brick”

Just upgrade the Mac to 2.0 client (remote).

Or downgrade the core to 1.8

how do you do that downgrade to 1.8?

does not move from here!!! happened when I updated roon to the new ver

Hey @Pedro_A_Gonzalez_L,

Following up on this thread, after digging into your account it looks like you’ve been able to successfully move all your Roon devices to 2.0.

Let me know if you’re still having issues here otherwise! :+1:

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