Roon no longer opening on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (Build 354)

I have been running Roon on 10.8.5 for the past year without any problems. Today, I updated Roon to the latest build and now it longer opens. The icon will bounce and then the blue quote screen will come up and just as it looks like it is about to boot up to the standard white window, it quits.

Please let me know how I can fix this.

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Hello @zoom25,

Can you please try rebooting your iMac and let me know if that helps resolve this issue?

Moving forward, I would like to get a set of your Roon logs, so our technical staff can get some more insight into what’s going on here. To start, can I ask you to use the instructions found here to send us a set of logs from the device currently hosting your core.



I’ve restarted my iMac and it didn’t help. The iMac has been running on 10.5.8 for the past year and there have been zero changes throughout that time to the OS. I didn’t do anything different to the iMac today either.

I’ll look into the logs.

I PM’d you the logs.

Hello @Zoom25,

Thank you for providing the logs, I was able to download them without issue.

I will have our QA team take a look at the logs, and I will be sure to let you know once they have provided some feedback.


I have the same issue on my Mac Mini running 10.8.5. I have not yet rebooted, I will do so later in the day when back from work.

Roon core on Rock, this has been updated as well as the Mac Mini.



Same issue here on Mac OS 10.8.3. Anxious for a solution. Thanks.

Hi Guys,

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to support this version due to Apple’s new security stuff in 10.14, since the facilities needed to even make the initial checks to determine the status of the security mechanisms that we now have no choice but to support for 10.14 didn’t exist in 10.8.

Can you explain why you are still running an OS from 2012? It doesn’t receive security updates anymore, and doesn’t even run the latest iTunes or other Apple apps (they seem to require 10.10 now). So we have been doing more to do it than the OS vendor for quite a while now.

I could almost count the number of 10.8 users that we have in our whole member base on two hands (based on the usage stats captured by our servers). It is used by less than one tenth of one percent of our members at this point.

All of this is causing me to wonder why we still support 10.8. So I am wondering what reasons you guys have for avoiding to upgrade past 2012–maybe there is a good reason that I am not thinking of.

Anyways–still undecided, and looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

My iMac is a late 2009 Core 2 Duo w/ an internal HDD and 12GB RAM. I use it mostly for Roon, web browsing, and word processing. 10.8 works perfectly for these tasks, including Roon. Zero issues. I can leave the iMac running 24/7 in the background and Roon works fine with other zones. It’s reliable. In the past I’ve tried to update this iMac to a few of the newer OS in hope that they could work better. The system slows down to a crawl. 10.8 is the sweet spot. Roon being supported on 10.8 actually factored into the decision.

I also have newer Retina MacBook Pros running latest High Sierra and use them for Roon as endpoints, but never as Cores (at least not permanently). I only use desktops as Cores that can be plugged in without having to worry about battery issues.

I have my annual plan ending sometime in a month. It’d be good to know what the future of Roon would look like and whether Roon would even support me going forward in my current situation.

I am considering a new iMac, but I have no idea when the new generation will be announced or be available. I really hope that I don’t have to be stuck in the middle here without Roon.

Still on 10.8.5 due to the hassle involved in getting old software and drivers to work with existing (ie also old) printers and scanner plus the Mac Server software. I do accept that very few websites are compatible with the browsers for10.8.5 so realistically believe I will likely have to upgrade to 10.14 (Mac Mini late 2012 2.6G upgraded with SSD plus 16G RAM).

Hello @support I got the message of the software update and clicked for the restart. It did not and now Roon will not open at all. It looks as if it will, but shuts down just as the main screen is about to come up. I have not had any previous issues. I don’t know what to do from here.

I have an older Mac Mini 10.8.5

Thank you.

Hey @Dave_Housteau,

I’ve moved your post over to the thread where this is being discussed. Please see Brian’s post above.


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For me @support , I can no longer upgrade my OS without buying a new computer to use as the server. If I need to now buy a new computer, as I am sure others will as well if we have lost your support, what will the new baseline minimums for Roon be? Thank you.

As a temporary measure until I find out about future support, I used Time Machine and restored a version of Roon before the update. Everything is now as it was.

I was able to upgrade the iMac to High Sierra. Installation took forever and not without its difficulties. Roon has been working fine. Let’s see how the OS holds up with this iMac. I still have another old Macbook Pro running 10.8.5 that was being used as an endpoint that is useless.

I’ve been using Roon on the same hardware configuration for 2 1/2 years. It runs on a Macbook pro running OSX 10.8.5 (yes its quite an old OS). I have had few problems over this time but tonight it won’t complete launching. :frowning:

The rectangle quoting someone famous on their view of music appears as usual. After that the application closes. I can’t even look up the version number. What do you suggest?

Hi Jeffrey,

I’ve moved your post to this thread. Please have a read, especially Brian’s post above.

Cheers, Greg

Brian, the reason I use an old, outdated OS (IOS 10.8) is to save money. I run Roon on my old work laptop and its dated hardware most likely won’t run the more up-to-date OSs. Actually, I’m a bit proud to be one of the last 10 people using it but I didn’t expect Roon to support 10.8 forever and understand that its time to move on.

There are two paths open to me: The inexpensive path is updating my old hardware to a higher version. What OS do you anticipate Roon supporting for at least the next 2 years? I will update my old laptop to that version and see if it runs acceptably. This would be optimal.

The other path is buying a new laptop but I’d like to avoid that if possible. Thanks for your help. Roon is a great product and brings me many hours of joyful music.

Hi everyone,

We released Build 360 of Roon which includes a fix for OS X 10.8 compatibility. Please download the update and let us know if you have any issues. You can read more about the update here:

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