Roon no longer playing back 176, 192 kHz files smoothly

Since updating to 1.3 playback of 24/176, 24/192 kHz files has become impossible.
They stutter or stop altogether, and sometimes show an error message about slow loading, hardware issues?
Never had any issues previously.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am seeing this issue on the remote if I try to upsample. I am using a Peachtree DAC and it starts cutting out then stops. Today I was also getting this without up sampling, I was playing music that is on my core server and it started cutting out and stopped then skipped to the next song. Never did this on 1.2. Hope they fix this.

Can you guys let us know the details of your setups?

Hi Mike,

I’m using a 1.8 Ghz Intel i7, 384 MB Intel HD Graphics, 4g RAM, 128 SSD Macbook Air 11" with a one Terabyte external USB 2.0 drive. I’m running El Capitan 10.11.6

totaldac d-1 integral streamer/DAC, and iPad Mini 2.

Thanks for your help!

HI again Mike,
Whatever update you pushed out has fixed the issue!
After the update all my high-res files play back without a problem.