Roon no longer seeing my audio devices [Resolved]

After coming back to my music after a month way Roon suddenly isn’t seeing any of my audio devices, when you click “manage audio devices” there is nothing there.

I’m running Roon Core on an NUC (V1.8 build 790) with a Devialet Pro 220 as my main player over ethernet plus a Windows 10 PC running a second system in my office again connected over ethernet.

Roon isn’t even showing the NUC audio device which I never used but used to show in audio devices.

The Roon front end is still appearing on my Phone & MacBook and PC but it’s only showing my owned music. I can log into TIDAL but its window in Roon is empty with the message “Error Loading Page”.
Over my home network and I’m still able to transfer purchased music from my PC HD to my Roon NUC HD, the album details, photo’s etc are then populated by Roon as normal, so this is just an issue with Roon not seeing the various audio devices I had set up.

After years of fantastic trouble free use with the identical set up this is a very troubling turn of events. Worryingly a quick look on the forum and it doesn’t look like I’m alone with this.

Where do I go from here Roon people?

On your NUC restart network settings (off and on, without any changes). Sometimes it fix problems with non activated audio devices (Roon environment).

Thank you for the reply Antoni, alas I’m not great technically. Can you please advise on how I restart the network settings? Can I do this from the Roon Core UI I can access on my web browser?

Have you access to your PC Core? That NUC works on Win? You have to restart network on your computer (not Roon) - LAN card or WiFi if you use wireless setup.

Hi Antoni, I went to the web UI for the NUC on my PC, reinstalled the operating system, restarted the server software and everything is now working OK! Thanks again for your input on this.

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Howi - just checking, are you running your Roon Core on a ROCK/NUC setup? Thanks.

Hi Geoff, yes it’s an NUC with an i5, runs beautifully, this is the only hiccup I’ve had in 14 months of use, I didn’t know you could reinstall Roon over the net using the web browser UI, huge bonus you can do that without losing your settings too. Next time I get a glitch that’ll be my first action.

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