Roon no longer sees DAC for USB output

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core Machine (Nucleus +)
iMac 2019 Retina 3.7Ghz 6 core Intel i5, 96 GB memory, macOS Monterey Ver. 12.0.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon FIOS Model G3100 router - ethernet to TP-Link model TL-SG108 eight port switch to TP-Link model TL-SG108 switch to iMac.

Connected Audio Devices

USB out to If iDSD Pro Dac to iCAN Pro headphone amp to iESL e-stat energizer.

Number of Tracks in Library

“17013 tracks”

Description of Issue

Have just upgrade to MacOS Monterey and Roon no longer sees my DAC on USB. (does list it with airplay, which I never use). When I use web browser, it will play an internet station out to dac no problem. With OS 11 Roon had no problems. Is Roon ready for OS Monterey or is this where I uninstall and reinstall the Roon program on my Mac? The Window 10 CPU with Roon places great to a USB Teac UD-505 dac. (I was going to upgrade it to Win 11 when it comes out, should I wait?). Here are some captures of settings.

Take care.

Windows 11 is also released and did not cause any problems with Roon for me. I had to switch from legacy boot to UEFI boot. The devices were even marked as incompatible, but Microsoft itself now gives hints on how to work around missing TPM2.0 modules.

My MacBook Pro is too old for an update, so I can only install Linux.

Our attentive head of moderation Carl just gave me another valuable tip:

As part of the beta program, I upgraded an Acer Aspire V5-573G from Window 10 to Windows 11 without the TPM 2.0 module. The laptop (Intel Core i5 4200U, 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Full-HD display with IPS technology, NVIDIA GF GT 750M, Win 8.1) was purchased at the end of 2014. Therefore, it does not meet the conversion requirements.

I was still able to switch from legacy-boot to UEFI-boot and get everything booting just fine even with Windows 11. No problems with Roon on Windows 11.

Gladly I always use a dualboot with Linux Manjaro KDE. This could also be installed without difficulties and Roon was fast under Linux. Unfortunately there was a mix-up of the USB-DAC under Linux , because I used two Acer V5 in the house. One is called Silver, the other Black.

Black Linux always wanted to be Silver or was not recognized at all. I think this can also be solved, but I went back for now.

OK, I’ve made some progress on this. Have updated the Ifi Pro iDSD firmware to the latest version. Now can play Roon to the dac via airplay across ethernet. The iDSD does not show as a USB device in Roon. Attached is the audio settings now.
Well at least am listening again to Roon on my Macintosh.
Life is good.

Forgot to add the audio settings jpg.

The top section “This Mac” is missing, so RAATServer isn’t running or a firewall is blocking its network communication.

Thanks BlackJack for your answer. I just looked at Little Snitch and it has the RAATServer as enabled for outgoing traffic. Just now downloaded and reloaded Roon but it still shows settings as above.
What can I do to get this RAATServer going? I am using a Nucleus + for my core.

Hopefully official support will pick-up your case now that the weekend is over.

Take care.