Roon no longer sees my DAC (McIntosh C2700)

Core Machine

Salk Streamer, 64bit Linux Intel i7 quad core, 1tb ssd

Network Details

Netgear Router/Modem via whole house Orbi

Audio Devices

McIntosh C2700 via USB

Description of Issue

I’ve been using my C2700 for a couple months now without issue, including after the 1.8 upgrades. Literally has been as stable as it’s ever been. Was listening 2 hours ago, all good. Came back now, the core is up, no issues there. Suddenly doesn’t see the C2700 DAC anywhere. I’ve powered the C2700 on and off a few times. Unplugged and plugged in the USB cables. Just suddenly… no DAC/Audiozone found. Nothing changed on my end at all in the past 2 hours.

Have you power cycled the streamer after unplugging the USB?

Just cycled it a second time. Unplugged the DAC completely and plugged it back in. That did indeed work. Strange, but at least I’m back up and running. So, I’m all set.

Wonder what happened… but all is good now.

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