Roon no longer sees my Directstream/BridgeII

I have a PS Audio Directstream DAC with a Bridge II that is Roon Ready. For some reason, it disappeared off my list of audio zones. I have a sonic transporter A7 where the core resides and the Roon app runs either from my MacBook Pro or my iPhone. I’ve rebooted the DAC, the sonictransporter and the Mac, haven’t been able to restore it. I think it was working after the latest 1.6 build, but I’m not sure. Thanks

Hi @soyka0120,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Are you able to see other networked zones in Roon? Have there been any changes to your networking setup recently?

Well the only recent change was my Internet was upgraded from 6 mbps to 60 (high speed internet finally arrives to semi-rural area!). I don’t think that affected it, or why should it. There were some initial implementation issues that required a lot of modem rebooting, but I can’t recall if the PS Audio DAC went offline right after that or not. The modem goes to an Apple wireless network. The Bridge II is plugged directly into the modem. It does have an assigned IP. Anything else I need to tell you?

I am assuming it is a static IP. Could the rest of your network’s IP range have changed? I would verify the IP addresses of your Roon Core and the Directstream to check if they are still in the same range (i.e. first 3 number groups are the same). Fing is an app that can show you the IP addresses of various network hardware.

Is the SonicTransporter plugged directly into the modem as well?

Hello @soyka0120,

On the same line of logic as @Rugby, I would recommend enabling DHCP on the DirectStream DAC in order to ensure that there are no IP conflicts with the new network.

You should also check if the modem is set up in “modem” mode or in “router” mode. If you are using the Apple router to manage your LAN, connecting the DirectStream to the modem will likely cause it to be on a different subnet than devices connected to the Apple router.


I looked at fing and both the Direct Stream and the Sonictransporter have the same 3 first numbers. However, the DirectStream was greyed out as “offline.” Then I remembered that during the powering on and off of the modem during the internet upgrade fiasco, the direct stream was showing on the display panel as offline. So I took the ethernet connection from a switch and plugged it directly into the modem. IP address showed up on the Directstream, but then I lost the connection in Roon. I reconnected the Directstream to the switch, and now it’s back in Roon. So as John says, apparently I apparently I jumped subnets. Who knew?

I’ll tell you, I’m learning more about this networking stuff than I really want to.



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