Roon, No problem

How many of us, apart from me have experienced no major problems during years of use?


Being satisfied isn’t what the internet or forums are for.

Happy user since May 2015.


There should be a good meme for that comment :grinning:


Whats your definition of major problems? It seems that any change of features or design they not have personally asked for is a major problem for some users.

I’m still happy (1+ year) .

Hi Alex,

I have also not experienced any major issues since I use Roon (knock on wood). The biggest challenge was my misunderstanding of some of the options, but for this we have a great community here.

My view: We use a great piece of software, but without so many passionate and experienced users It would be as good as it is.

Thanks to the community!

Regards Tom

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ok, so there are the minor complains regarding layout, font sizes etc and then there are what I class as major issues concerning non access, software interface dramas.
I have loved it from moment one, it has introduced me to some wonderful music and seamless interface, with added benefits like this forum.

Yeah I’m on this train!

I did have a few teething problems with backups right at the start and was hit by the Windows RDP problem on my Core at one point. Both were easy to resolve and were just minor irritants really.

Aside from that it is a joy to be running Roon; rocking out since January 2017. :metal:

I had no problem at all, including during/after today upgrade (very smooth, with no issues - made on 4 devices).

I’ve only been using Roon since September, but I’ve had no significant problems, not even any small problems. My only complaint is sometimes slow starting up a new album, but that may be on my end, IDK.

Same here. It’s probably fair to say before Roon I cared more about how my stereo sounded. Now, it’s about finding new music and just rolling around in it. Much more satisfying.
Still love how the stereo sounds though. Not like I’m complacent…


Perfect way to listen to music since 1.3. Love the extra features, but the experience of listening to music is the same :+1:

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“just rolling around in it” very apposite given your avatar.

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No problems at all with Roon. Life got even better when I stopped using my my main office computer as a Roon Core and bought a sonicTransporter for that role instead. All updates have gone smoothly too.

Hah! Yes, true. Plus I can hear bats whistle!

Happy user, no major problems.

No problems for me in the year or so I have been running Roon (Rock on Intel NUC) into Marantz NA7004, Sonore microRendu/Mytek Brooklyn+ or Linn Klimax DS/1.

Same here.

I’m a new user (March this year) but am completely satisfied with Roon.
There is nothing like it in the marketplace. And I love it.

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I am a little over a year in and it has been flawless. Roon running on the NUC with ROCK music server has been a flawless utility. I could not be happier with the seamless integration of Qobuz and the world of music Qobuz has opened up.

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No problems caused by Roon, some small issues caused by my lack of knowledge/understanding or infrastructure (I run my own internal DNS using PiHole), but Roon for me has bee wonderful.