Roon Non Responsive When Scrolling Upwards (Tags/Bookmarks) - Windows10 Client & iOS

Rock - Version 1.8 (build 778)

Netgear Switches GS108

Naim Streamer (Ethernet)


Ever since the latest update the client app crashes when I scroll up when viewing albums in a bookmark or in a particular tag category. Scrolling down works fine but as soon as I scroll up the app crashes. On my Windows 10 laptop the app basically goes into “not responding” then has to be closed and restarted. On iOS the screen freezes and you have to close app and start again.

Scrolling up and down in my albums in the standard library view works fine. Problem only seems to occur when I’ve selected a bookmark or a tag category to view.

Windows 10 Pro
OS Build 19042.870

iOS (iPhone)
Version 14.4.1

This is a known issue with the latest update (778), and a ticket has been submitted.

See here: Build 778 Crashes in Mac OS and iOS when scrolling album pages in Tags

Since this ticket mentions Mac only, would it be worth submitting another thread for Windows? My Windows 10 desktop is experiencing the same issue.

Hi @Michael-W

We are looking into this and will keep everyone updated here: