Roon / Non-Roon album to library choice before creating it

Hi there,
i think we all have some bests of (80s, movies music) / rare regional cds unknown to Roon / compilations etc. - well, albums that cause problems in Library.

I think Roon would be perfect if we could make the choice before uploading the Library - if we just could click-pick-tick albums we want to be uploaded in files order only (non-Roon metadata) before not after.

After is too late, it takes time and not all problems are easy to solve like some strange additional “credits” (my Preisner`s Blanc album is conducted by…Polish Cabaret called Kabaret Starszych Panów).

I think that my idead would make life so much easier! :), i agree that ROON is at the same time ingenious and troublesome ;). But still a great idea

Hey @Piotr_Pawlowski – apologies but can you give us some examples of the issue you’re experiencing here? I want to make sure I understand the problem before we think about how to resolve this for you.


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Some artist are being mentioned in credits of some albums they have nothing in common with :slight_smile:

I`ve already resolved this problem and like Roon much more with nice library in order :slight_smile:

what i meant is that i think it`d better not to fill the library with all files/folders from chosen directory but to have a choice which folders from this directory are sucked-in with Roon metadata and which by files in folder order/info.

One simple example - Hako Yamasaki - this is my artists folder....i really had to look for it quite long...since Roon has sucked-in this Japanese (and i have more Japanese albums). Polish album of band "Cukunft" has no track titles cuz theyre in Israeli language etc etc. In those cases Roon sometimes makes additional problems by trying to link some artists/albums the way he thinks its right...when its not :wink:

If we could have this choice at the begining some metadata errors or problems with mixing typicul singular albums with compilations / best ofs etc wouldnt occur. Plz remember, Roon doesnt know many Polish and probably many other nations artists and there is some time needed to clean the mess ;).

If we could pick the albums from the directory like D: FLAC/ we want to get sucked in with Roon metadata or totally without would make saome things easier