Roon not able to connect with LMS 8

Hi, after a long hiatus I thought I would try Roon again. Unfortunately I cannot connect Roon with LMS 8 which I have just updated to. It keeps going through an unending spiral trying to connect.

My server is using a Linux based system with Snakeoil operating software

Roon can replace the LMS if you wish to but Roon can not connect to a LMS as client. See also:

Hi Peter.

You have got things a little confused.

Roon replaces any version of LMS. You can’t have Roon and LMS running on the same IP address. Roon will not be able to see your Squeezebox devices as they will already to connected to LMS.

You’ll need to stop LMS, then Roon can find your endpoints.

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I did find that when using a SBT as a Roon endpoint that I also had to manually change the library on the SBT as it would sometimes get stuck on LMS setting (even with LMS stopped/shutdown) and not allow the switch to Roon.

I have turned off LMS on the top right corner and it still can’t find the server. Is there anything else I need to do?

LMS turned off

All you did was switch off whatever player you have selected :slight_smile:

You need to fully stop your server. Something like
sudo systemctl stop logitechmediaserver
if you are going to ssh into your system, or however you normally access your linux server.

If you want to disable it so that it doesn’t restart on a reboot then
sudo systemctl disable logitechmediaserver

It’s just a guess but I assume it wasn’t you that set all this up. Contact your dealer whoever set this up for you in the first place if you are struggling and can’t do linux.

Snakeoil OS Features - Snakeoil OS Reference (
God knows what a “true audiophile-grade OS” is.

It looks like there might be a web-settings page for this thing

  • Remote configuration via the point and click WebApp (no need to learn complicated shell commands, or login passwords)

So I suggest you navigate to that, stop LMS and disable it from running at reboot.

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Thanks all,

By turning off the server Roon is up and running. Now for the fun bit of comparing to MPD and LMS using Snakeoil OS.

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You would be surprised by the fact that with a little bit of online help from friendly Stereonet and Snakeoil people I was able to get it up and running. It meant that rather than junk my expensive old Antipodes DS Reference I was able to get it going with a new lease of life.

Thankfully the author of Snakeoil makes it easier with a few basic menu screens that reduce the need of a novice like me to write steps in Linux.

I also greatly appreciate the help from the Roon community and am impressed by the speed of the responses.