Roon not adding new albums correctly [metadata improver paused]

Maybe not the best name for the topic. But I notice in the top right corner there is a constant spinning circle thing and when I added a couple albums they are in there but the cover art is not. I have experienced this a few times before where that circle is constantly spinning and things are going slow or not acting normal. Any ideas?

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What does it say when you click on or tap the spinning circle?

Is says metadata improver paused and adding 296 of 296 tracks

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Local files or from a streaming service?

I get this occasionally and usually all it takes is a reboot of the Roon Core.
You can try that or if it’s streaming then try signing out of it inside Roon, then reboot and then sign back into it once Roon is stable again.

Hi again,

This error message is typically displayed when the Roon Core can not reach Roon’s cloud servers.

I would recommend first reboot your router and any associated network equipment.
Then reboot the Roon Core and see if that fixes the issue.

Other have found updating use or for DNS services … see below …

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Hey @ryan_stratton just checking in to see if you were able to solve the Metadata improver error?

If you were able to give @Carl’s suggestions a try and it didn’t help, I’d recommend reading our Help Center article that touches on this error:

There are some great suggestions in there, as well! Let us know how it goes. :pray:t3:

Hi yes the spinning cicle is gone. Seems like the update that happened recently fixed it. Thanks for checking back in on that.

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It’s my pleasure! Thanks for letting us know that after the recent update, the error went away :partying_face:

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