Roon not allowing me to group squeezebox renderer

Roon Core Machine

Mini Mac

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Also Austore Mite running Sonore UpNP bridge

Connected Audio Devices

Naims NDS ethernet
Naim Muso wireless speakers

Library Size


Description of Issue

This has been running perfecftly for a year and half. I was able to group 3 Musos and the NDS. Suddenly i cannot group the Naim NDS/squeezebox. It works perfectly on its own, it shows up as a squeezebox device. The musos work perfectly as a goup but I cannot add the NDS as I used to. I believe that one of the Roon updates has broken something, as snothing else has been upgraded / touched

Are the Musos Roon Ready? If they are I would not expect you to be able to group them with Squeezebox devices or anything that uses a protocol other than RAAT. That has always been the case.

As I mentiioned the setup has been running perfectly for 18 months. There is no probllem at all with the musos they group perfeftly. The purpose of the Sonore software mite is that it allows the Naim NDS to appear as a Squeezebox…that is where the problem is which has suddenly appeared

You cannot group a Squeezebox device with things not Squeezebox. That is, and has always been the case. Are you saying you have made no changes or have you recently started to use the Squeezebox mode.

I have done it succeffully for past 18 months. Yes you can as I have been doing it !!!

I am saying I have changed nothing and it has worked with the NDS/squeeze box grouped with 3 Musos Mk 1 for 18 months in perfect sync

I’ll leave it to Roon to resolve then because all my experience tells me that you cannot group unlike zones.

Zone Grouping

Roon supports Zone Grouping, or synchronizing audio playback in several zones within your house. Zones can only be grouped with other zones of the same type, meaning Squeezebox zones cannot be grouped with RAAT zones, Meridian zones can’t be grouped with Airplay zones, etc. Not all technologies support grouping, but the most commonly used options do. These are the types of zones within which grouping is possible:

  1. RAAT Zones

  2. Roon Ready devices

  3. Roon and Roon Remote outputs on macOS, Windows, Android and iOS

  4. Roon Bridge outputs on macOS, Windows, and Linux

  5. Squeezebox zones

  6. Meridian zones

  7. Airplay zones

  8. Sonos zones

  9. Chromecast zones

  10. KEF Zones (LS50 v1 + LSX)

Note that Chromecast zones are not grouped using Roon, but grouped using the Google Home app. See the Knowledge Base article on Chromecast for more information.

Presumably the mite has been doing the conversion for all of the nsim devices, not just the Nds

No. They run pefectly as a group without the Mite

Henry is right here Roon wont group with non like protocols. Are your Musos v1 or v2, only v2 is Roon Ready so you would need Airplay or another UPnP bridge for them to work with Roon on a v1, sonore only can connect to one I believe. I dont believe the NDS supports Airplay so you cant have grouped them with that protocol. There is no way you have grouped non like Zones in Roon its just not possible to do so. Are you sure you didnt use Naims mulitroom when one is already playing via Roon you can then ge the others to sync be activating it I believe.

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Also, in case you didn’t know, Roon only officially supports squeezebox devices, and specifically not software emulators like sqeezelite.

Aha…apologies to everyone …of course you are correct. Simon is spot on that is exactly how I used to do it.

I had totally forgotten as I have been without my Naim system for 6 months and this ‘hack’ totally slipped my mind.

Apologies again…as usual …user error!


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