Roon (not ARC) Carplay - Autoresuming Roon audio when plugged in

I’ve been having a fairly annoying issue with the Roon Remote app on my iPhone and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this.

When the last used audio playing app on my iPhone was the Roon Remote and the lock-screen controls are up (I have that setting turned on), then sometimes when I get in my car and connect carplay it will auto-resume the last playing app and my Roon system will start playing music again as I drive off! It’ll then keep playing all day without me noticing until I get home.

Has anyone else experienced this? Ideally it would be possible to just prevent carplay from always automatically resuming the last played audio, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.


Kill ARC when you are going to the car…I actually had a more annoying issue and that was Apple Music played always when I got in the car…so I deleted the AM app, so that ARC normally gets first dibs now.

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