ROON not choosing Primary Version of albums or tracks when playing Genres

I am running my ROON core on an ethernet-connected PC with Windows 10. I use a laptop connected to the core by WiFi to choose music. I have hundreds of albums with 2 or 3 versions; local storage, Tidal, and Qobuz. I have chosen one version of these duplicates as the “primary version” whenever possible. I have active subscriptions to both, running them through ROON. When I choose to listen to a music genre and shuffle play using ROOn Radio, the tracks/albums ROON chooses are rarely the ones I have listed as “primary versions” in my library. Is there a setting I’m missing that will “tell”: ROON Radio to play the primary version? Right now it seems totally random.

Funny you should mention that. I got this response from @jamie very recently:

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Hey @Jeff_Bellune, I’ll take a swing at these for you.

It will randomly select either unless you set Roon Radio to only select from your local library.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Jeff. Here is a screenshot of my current Roon Radio setup

Maybe if I toggle the library setting to off, then on again it will improve.

Hi Kim,

I don’t know if this is relevant to your screenshot because you may be in the midst of playing a queue and displayed the radio prefs just to get info to this forum, but you’re not currently playing via Roon Radio. Radio won’t start until the queue ends 13 days from now. :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh I evidently don’;t have a very good understanding of Roon Radio! :dizzy_face: I guess I’d better do some research!

OK Jeff, I did some reading on the forum and have a much clearer understanding of Roon Radio. So I have to revise my earlier comment to "why won’t Roon choose “primary versions” of my music when playing music genres? :roll_eyes:

What is your setting for showing hidden albums?

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It’s on YES. Is that my problem?

It most likely is the source of your problem.

When you group versions of an album together, typically you’d want the secondary, tertiary, etc. versions to be hidden and not in your album list. So if you set Roon to not display hidden albums, then only the primary version will show up in the album and track lists. This will also restrict Roon to playing from the primary version.

And keep in mind that you can always access the hidden version(s) of your albums using the Versions link in an album’s display page.

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Thanks Jeff, that answered my question!

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