Roon not communicating with Lumin

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 home/Ram 8 GB/Roon v 1.7 build 610

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Arris TG1672G on ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Not sure how to answer this question

Description Of Issue

I have just gotten my WiFi to work in my audio room. Unfortunately my iPad Roon navigation software is not communicating with my Lumin D1 streamer. Don’t know what has happened.

Whether I select the main router in the other room (with weak Wi-Fi) or the Dlink extender in my audio room on my iPad (with good WiFi), the roon software doesn’t communicate with the streamer. It communicates with the roon installed on my desktop (core) and plays whatever I select on my iPad.

So I’m glad to have great Wi-Fi, but I need my iPad roon to communicate with my Lumin D1 streamer again. Thank you, James

Have you configured the LUMIN as a zone in the Roon settings?
If not, start Roon (on any device), open settings, and go to „Audio“.
The LUMIN should show up there (if connected to your network) and can be set up.
You can then select that zone on the bottom right in Roon.

Hello thank you. I did what you said. There is one “system output” audio will play out the default device. Which is apparently the desktop. Then there are a bunch of "Audials sound capturing ".

I clicked on the gears here and then device setup. I don’t see any options here. No Lumin or any device selection. Just private zone, volume control, rsync delay.

What I’m not getting is it used to work. Then I bought this router extender to boost the wifi in my audio room. It has done the job.

But whether I select the dlink in my audio room, or the main router out by my desktop, the roon on my iPad is running my desktop roon core. Not my Lumin in my audio room

Not sure what you mean by all this. One normally doesn’t select a router or an extender. The router and the extender should be on the same subnet, e.g. 192.168.0xx. If that’s not the cased then you haven’t set them up correctly and the Lumin probably isn’t on the same subnet as your Core.

Every Roon device that’s on your network should show up in Settings==>About.

I went to “about” as you said and my Lumin nor my iPad (if that is supposed to show up) are there.

I’m sorry to do this to you, but I’m going to need to explain the whole thing.

There are 2 rooms of interest. I have the computer room where my desktop and main router are. My Roon is installed on the desktop.

I have Ethernet running underneath the house supplying the audio room. I was playing my streamer through the main router but it would drop signal so I got a dlink router as an extender in my audio room. My WiFi is good now.

Now, whether I select on my iPad the main router or the dlink my iPad is communicating with the desktop and playing my selection on the computer. It isn’t communicating with my Lumin streamer in my audio room.

It is quite possible that some setting got switched up while setting up the new router which is why I’m having this issue perhaps.

I’m not familiar with how to setup this stuff so I appreciate your “baby steps”. Thank you, James

I used an extender once, a long time ago. I don’t understand what you mean when you talk about selecting the router or the dlink. In a properly extended network, one doesn’t ‘select’ anything.

That Settings==>About doesn’t see the Lumin only underlines that you have two different subnets in play.

How confident are you in the way you extended your network? I don’t think it was done correctly.

I don’t know, but I can say this.

The main router network I can still select. If I do, my iPad roon software doesn’t communicate with the Lumin like it did just a little bit ago.

Then I got the dlink, and it provides good WiFi in my audio room. So when I go to WiFi networks I can select my dlink or my main router. Both act the same…running and communicating with my desktop playing roon music in the computer room. Not communicating with my Lumin.

When you had me look at roon settings about I did that on the desktop. Should I be looking at the roon settings on my iPad instead?

It seems to me that it’s not the router but roon needs to be configured to communicate with the Lumin?

Whatever vehicle you use to look at Settings==>About, or any Settings function for that matter, is taking its info from the Core machine.

Before Roon can do that, it needs to know that the device even exists.

I see what your mean by selecting a network.The fact that your router and the dlink both show up on your iPad doesn’t seem right. It’s been awhile but to me, that’s another indication that you have two different networks.

I really think your network setup is at fault. There are plenty YouTube vids on how to do this. That’s what I successfully used.

When you set up your extended network, did you name it something different from the network your router is on? You have to use the same name in both.

I’ve exhausted my understanding of extending a network.

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James, these network setups can be confusing, I’ve been there.

Just to clarify: the LUMIN is connected to your network via Ethernet?

When you download the LUMIN App from the AppStore - can you then connect to the LUMIN and play music via the LUMIN app?

Regarding the setup of the LUMIN inside Roon: it does not matter on which device you configure it, it’s always the Core you are configuring. Goods news: seems like the Core is in your network. Now we have to get the LUMIN in the (same) network, too.

I would first try the LUMIN App to verify if this is the case or not.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

To add: Slim might be right with his assumption that you somehow have created two networks and the LUMIN is on a different one than your other devices.

Since you have taken the trouble to run Ethernet to your audio room and the Lumin is Roon Ready, then use Ethernet directly into the Lumin (as a test).

You’ll find that the Lumin is now showing up in Settings==>Audio, at that point just enable it.
If this works (and I’m confident it will) then the problem is how you extended your network.

You are all aware that LUMIN does not support WiFi?

Ha, I assumed he was using a dongle of some sort.

Sometimes the simplest answers are the best. :laughing:

OTOH, the presence of two network nodes in the iPad tells me that, additionally, the network is not extended correctly.

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If it was 2 different networks, then why does the dlink in my audio room communicate to my desktop (core)? So either network is communicating with the desktop. So either one works the same.

It’s all linked via Ethernet.

But yes, when the dlink was hooked up it had its own name. The thing is though, if it’s a seperate network, then how is it communicating with the desktop roon the same as the main router network?

Yes. It goes all Ethernet:

Desktop…router…ethernet under the house…to Lumin

I don’t know about playing from the Lumin app. I will try. I don’t know if the Lumin app is for music. But I want to play from the Roon for sure.

So I will look at this Lumin app. I’ve never done anything with it. Thanks

The Lumin was working fine before on the main router network. Now I can’t communicate with the Lumin on either router. Both just communicate with the desktop

Yes it is all Ethernet directly. It goes

Desktop…router…ethernet under the house…to Lumin

Okay. I bring up the Lumin app and it doesn’t recognize the Lumin. Lumin is on. I’m going to have to get a hold of Lumin tomorrow. This is frustrating

@wklie is the Lumin company support on this forum. He’ll chime in next time he’s on.

I am confused about your set up.

You are saying that the Lumin is connected to your network via Ethernet and your Core is connected via Ethernet, but your Lumin doesn’t show up in Settings==>Audio?

That doesn’t make any sense.

How is your Lumin connected? Thru the Ethernet port on the dlink?

No it’s not. I have the desktop with roon installed and the main router out in the office. All Ethernet connected. Then I have the main router connected Ethernet to the wall Jack. From that wall Jack I have Ethernet run under the house to the audio room jack. Then from that Jack directly to the roon.