Roon not connecting on login

Hi I have tried to log in on my iPad and MBP several time to Roon and it just hangs in the log in phase. I have internet connectivity as when I use other software I can connect and stream. Any thoughts on what could be the problem?

Have you rebooted everything?

Yes multiple times

Can you describe your core, how your core is connected to the network and your network to assist support.

it is a NUC build i3 and is ethernet wired to a dlink switch which is connected to a net great nighthawk wireless router. I have tried almost every config. Wired the nuc to the netgear and connected that via usb to my dac, wired the nuc to the dlink and wired the dlink to the nighthawk.I also tried connecting my MBP as a Roon Core and that hung on log in as well.

I resolved my issue by reloading a saved database and that worked. Not super easy when new updates fail

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