Roon not connecting to server - I probably need to restore from backup

This is ROCK running on NUC. My first problem was music stopping, and a message, “Roon lost control of device”. So I tried the following:

  • Reinstalling operating system
  • Restarting server software
  • Resetting Roon database and setting.

The last item resulting in Roon not being able to connect to the server. I’m not sure how to remedy this.

I noticed that under “Roon Database and Settings” it now say “100% of 227 GB available”, whereas before it said something like “97% of 227 GB available”, meaning that I probably need to restore from my backup. But I don’t know how to perform a restoration when I cannot even start Roon.
If I put in the IP address it shows Roon server as up and running, (see below).
Any help is appreciated.

OK. I was able to start ROON by connecting as though to a new server.
But now I still have the same problem, “Roon lost control of the audio device”. And also, I am no longer able to connect to my RPI endpoint. It shows under the list of “Connected to Roon Server”, but it is no available as a choise when actually playing music.

I updated firmware on my NT-505, and now it is working well as an endpoint. And I am no longer experiencing audio stoppage. However, I am no longer able to see my RoPieee endpoint. I just downloaded the new version, and it seemed to load OK. I can connect to it from my desktop, but it does not show up as connected to Roon Server.

Update: Everything is working well now. My Ropieee endpoint is now working, with no audio drops. I guess the original problem was an out-of-date Ropieee image on my endpoint.

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