Roon not connecting to tidal for last 5 days

for the last 5 days roon will not connect to tidal.
i’m using a MacBook air, blue sound node 2i and ethernet cable from modem.
what can i do?

My Tidal Disconnected today, I just went in and put my username and password in and it worked.


Go to Settings > Services to confirm that you are logged in to TIDAL and have the correct subscription selected. What happens when you click on Sync Library Now?

If you’re not logged in, then follow the instuctions to login into TIDAL. This will use your default browser to authenticate. If you’re using a VPN be sure to turn this off when signing in.


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Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

modem to node 2i by ethernet cable to denafrips dac by coax to parasound jc-2 preamp by xlr balanced to paramount jc-5 amplifier.
controlled by roon app on MacBook air.
roon will connect to qobuz but not to tidal.
this happens every time.
i can stream tidal natively from tidal app but not from roon

Hi @george_hawke,

What browser are you using to log in?

When you log in to the web page does it work but just doesn’t register in Roon? Or are you unable to log in on the web page?

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