Roon not connecting to tidal started two days ago

Roon Core Machine

I have a roon nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I have ASUS Zenwifi et 6E

Connected Audio Devices

I have a trinnov altitude 16 connection is via LAN. My Qobuz account works fine on roon also have no trouble signing in successfully to tidal it just repeatedly gives the me the “login successful” but refuses to update to log in

Number of Tracks in Library

Less than 1000. Relatively new user

Description of Issue

Started receiving notice that I was not logged in to tidal about two days ago. I am able to log in by going to Settings, Services, tidal “edit” but it will not let me sign in using the
Username default I have to sign out then use the tidal tab for log in to another account. this works and gives me the roon screen of “login successful roon + tidal” says it will automatically go back to refresh on roon but it never does. So I go back to roon on my own and it says I’m still logged out.
My Qobuz account works fine. I have removed my roon app and reloaded it on my ipad. Also same problem on my roon app on the iPhone 13.

Fixed itself over night. Sigh.

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