Roon Not Consistent

I successfully installed Roon on a Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Set it as the core & then installed on 2 other windows 7 - and 8.1 PC’s Roon worked great on the windows 7, but the windows 8.1 I’m having issues.
I have to restart the core Roon on the server to get the client on the PC to see my library. Also, after a few successful days of use, my audio device (headphones) no longer work - produce sound.

Is there a log file Roon generates that I can look at or send/post?

Great product when it was working…& look forward to future updates.

Hello @Ventoux, me and @mike will try to help you with this issue, but first of all we need to get more info about your setup. Can you please describe specs of the core and both remote devices (as described here)? Where your music library is located, how big is your library (in thousands of tracks ) ? What is your network configuration (as described here)?
What kind of audio device (headphones) do you have? Which device it is connected to (Core or Remote)? Do you have direct connection to your machine or there is a DAC between headphones and your machine?

Thanks for your time and sorry for inconveniences.

Core runs on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials which is where my Music library of 5300+ albums / 72000+ tracks are stored in a RAID 6 array.
Server is installed on a Asus P8B LGA1155 C206 MB with a Xeon E3-1225 3.1 GHz CPU. So - plenty of power to run the core. My server also has the rest of my media collection (Blu-rays/home movies/photos, etc). I’ve been running JRMC for years, using this system as the “server” with great success & satisfaction.
I have clients on a HTPC in my media room with Windows 7 (HTPC connected to a Denon AVR via HDMI & Toslink), my workstation with Windows 8.1 (Connect via speakers & an Audioquest Dragonfly + Headphones) & a Surface 3 with 8.1 as well. Just got the Surface 3 for use as a “remote control” for Roon - So I’m looking forward to sitting on my patio browsing my library (Currently use JRemote on my phone - :frowning: - just too limited) Since my Windows 2012 R2 system serves as much more than hosting my music collection - I don’t run AO on it…Maybe down the road on a seperate (Music Only Server).
My network consists of a Asus RT-AC87U router & D-Link DGS-1008P switch coming of the router & feeding my wired home network. The Windows 2012 server is also configured as a domain. This configuration has proven to be very robust & without issues.
This morning I powered everything down - again - and restarted. I deleted the audio zone on my server & muted the sound from my server (as this system will never have speakers/sound directly). This seemed to have resolved my issue for now. My “Private” zones on the clients where then found/recognized again. I’m not sure what caused my issue of not receiving sound/recognizing my Client “private zones” - but, it’s now working :smile:

OK, to get Roon (Client) working (Find Server) I had to re-start Roon on the Server while the Client was open on the HTPC.
Something is not working correctly. Any suggestions - welcome.

So reading Roon Client/Server Best Practices I’m considering changing my setup.

My Server 2012 R2 stores my Music - But - I do NOT have a DAC directly connected to it. Instead, I have an always on dedicated HTPC in my media room that has WMC (for TV) and JRMC for Movies & Music. The HTPC is connected directly to a Denon AVR that outputs to both my main (media room) and secondary zone (Patio) speakers. To me - this should be where my “Core” Roon should be installed. The HTPC has a fairly powerful i5 that does a very good job of ripping/transcoding/playing Hi-Res audio & video. So, I think Roon Core would be no problem. Although I would rather not shut down Roon when running JRMC. Say my kids want to watch a movie in the media room & I want to listen to music on the patio at the same time. I could set Roon to output directly to the Denon 2nd zone & have JRMC play from the HTPC via HDMI.

To avoid this heavy lifting by the HTPC - is why I thought to install the “core” on my server. But that seems to have some issues.

I want to use my new Surface 3 as a “remote” for when I’m on the patio & also have the Roon Core running on the big screen simultaneously in the media room. Is this setup the way to go? Or, keep the “core” Roon on the Windows 2012 server as I initially did.


Still having issues, but no reply from Roon yet?

I went back to my original setup. Roon “Core” on my WIN 2012 R2 Server and the clients on Windows 7 & 8.1 systems. When the server enters “Lock” mode (still logged it) - I can’t get the clients to connect. Only after I restart Roon on the server - then the clients Re-Connect & play without issue.
Is there a work around? Do I have to wait for an update?

Hello @Ventoux sorry for the late reply here.

If I understood right, the only machine which has direct connection to your Denon AVR is your HTPC. If you want to control this zone with all your remote clients (including Surface 3 which is great choice for the Remote) - HTPC is the right place to install Roon Server. Using HTPC as a Remote client has some consequences - you’re Denon AVR will become a Privat zone, and you won’t be able to control it from other Remotes or even Server ( here you can find more info about difference between Zone and Privat Zone)

I don’t know what exact i5 is installed on your HTPC but I don’t think that running JRMC and Roon at once can cause any issues. Plus we are working on Roon headless version which will consume less resources in comparison with current builds.

As for your connection issue, I’d like to check your logs, so I’m going to PM you shortly with further instructions.

Thank you for your patience.

Hi @Ventoux – can you take a look at the workaround I mentioned here and let me know if it works for you?

If so, this issue is already fixed for our next release. If not, then it may be something else, so of course, let us know that as well.