Roon not correctly detecting maximum sampling rate

Just started to use Roon since yesterday and slowly learning to get used to the interface but looks like Roon is correctly detecting maximum sampling rate for my DAC.

It supports up to 384 khz but it is detected as 192khz only and wanted to see if there is way to change this?

My other DAC is detected correctly but my main DAC is not getting detected correctly. DAC is Aqua La Voce.


Moved to support.
What is the dac attached to and how?

Oh thanks for quick response.

DAC is Aqua La Voce S3 and is connected via Windows PC using USB cable.


Did you install their driver for Windows?

Yap I did install and using Foobar I can up sample up to 384khz without issue,

As below screen shot, I can play 384 khz

One suggestion (maybe this is source of problems here): change streaming mode from power savings to always on. I had a lot of problems with some devices / OS/ laps with power saving modes, when I changed to always on everything works fine.

Oh Thanks… anyway that looks like didn’t work … disabled power saving mode and even restarted my PC but same issue.

Was playing with the device setup and found option “Work Around Devices that misreport capabilities” and enabled it and I am now able to select 384khz.

Thanks for assisting for the troubleshooting this issue.

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