Roon Not Detecting any Audio Devices Following Latest OS Update

Core Machine

Roon Core Rock version 1.8 build 790 running on Intel NUC i5-7260U, 32GB RAM, 4TB SSD. Roon database is stored on this 4TB SSD. 33,380 tracks in database.

Network Details

Intel NUC connected via ethernet to ASUS RT-AC68U router via Cisco SG-300 28 switch.
Windows pc ethernet connected to above router.
Ipad wireless connected to above router.

Audio Devices

NUC connected to DAC via USB.

Description of Issue

None of my Audio Devices are showing. I’ve reinstalled latest Roon OS and rebooted but still no detection of Devices. When I click on Audio in Settings in all remotes, nothing shows. Everything was working previously and there have been no changes to my system configuration other than Roon OS update.

My eyes are immediately drawn to that switch. Bypass it if you can and see what happens.

Cisco SG-300 is professional gear. On the affordable side, but almost bulletproof. Not sure if I would blame this.

It’s managed. In Roon a managed switch is a very common point of failure. Plug the core direct into the router and see what happens and hopefully eliminate the switch then we can move on. I’m pretty sure that is the very first thing Roon support will ask him to do after a reboot of all networking gear.

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Really?! :scream:

Thanks guys. Now this is weird stuff. I bypassed my Cisco switch and directly connected my Roon core to Asus router and all my Audio devices reappeared. Then I reconnected my switch in the chain and all my Audio Devices are still there. It looks to me like there may have been a glitch in the OS which has now cleared itself. Anyway, problem solved - I hope.

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