Roon Not Detecting Laptop Audio Output

Core Machine
Synology DSM 6.2 on DS920+

Network Details
Router is Archer AX-1800 on 2.4Ghz wifi, but I also tested wired via ethernet to router

Audio Devices
Onboard Intel Smartsound card as well as an Xduoo USB DAC (XD-05 BAL).

Library Size
24732 tracks

Description of Issue
I have re-installed Roon on my HP Spectre PC (windows 10), and restarted the core on my Synology NAS, but it still does not recognize any audio output on this laptop. It finds all my other audio endpoints perfectly fine (Desktop PC, Ropiee, KEF LS50 wireless, etc.)

It’s as if Roon doesn’t see this laptop at all

I solved it: I had to add exceptions to RAATserver.exe in firewall

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