Roon not detecting local audio device

Roon Core Machine

ROCK Version 1.0 (build 227) on NUC6I5SYK with 16GB RAM
Roon server Version 1.8 (build 806)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Verizon FIOS Router and Extender (connected via coax)
Roon Core connected via ethernet to Extender

Connected Audio Devices

Vinnie Rossi L2i-Se connected to Core via USB
Hifiberry DAC connected via Wifi
RME ADI-2 PRO FS R connected to Windows 10 PC (Build 19042.1083) via USB
(the PC is connected to the Verizon Router via ethernet)

Library Size

266621 tracks (21207 albums)

Description of Issue

The RME ADI-2 is not being detected by Roon and does not appear in the Settings - Audio section. Both of my other devices are detected and show up. The RME ADI-2 stopped showing up a couple weeks ago, it previously worked without issue. I tried restarting the device, rebooting the Windows PC it is connected to, updating drivers, and unplugging the usb cables. Other apps (Foobar 2000, Chrome, Acoustica 7) output with no issue to the RME ADI-2.

Hello @Steve_Sovich,

Thanks for all the details you’ve shared about this. We’d love to help.

To that end, I’ve looped in our technical team on this thread. While we wait on them, I was wondering if it would be possible to temporarily connect the RME ADI-2 to your Core by a different USB cable. Does it show up in Settings → Audio?

I didn’t connect the RME ADI-2 to my Core (they’re on different floors) but I did connect it to my Windows Surface Pro 6 and it showed up in Settings > Audio.

Out of curiosity I just enabled the Realtek motherboard audio on the Windows PC and that is not showing up in Roon either. Both appear in the Windows sound settings.

Any update on this issue?

I’m sorry for the late response, @Steve_Sovich. Are you still seeing issues here? If so, can you try disabling the firewall on the Windows device temporarily and let us know if there is any change?

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Hi @dylan - thank you for getting back to this. I was still having this issue but I took your advice and disabled my public network firewall and I saw my audio devices again. I noticed raatserver.exe was disabled for access through the public firewall. Once I enabled it, I can now see my audio devices in roon while my firewall is on. The problem appears to be solved - thank you!!

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