Roon not detecting my external HDD, Mac Catalina finder is able to access the External HDD

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Description Of Issue

My external HDD is not detecting in Roon Storage. It was working on older OS but not on Catelina Beta version.

Well, new OS beta versions are usually not supported until the official release, which in your case is October something.

Your message clearly shows that the MAC is seeing the drive, but doesn’t have the permissions to access to the drive, and that is “unauthorized” message.

According to Seagate those drives ship as formatted in NTFS. Did you by any chance reformat it to HFS+?

Thanks for the reply. I understand the Beta OS versions will not be supported. I just wanted to be sure issue is related to OS Catalina and will get rectified once the OS is released officially.
Also for the HDD format, its ExFAT and is not changed in a year or so. The same worked with Roon on Previous Mac OS.

As Roon just admitted with iOS, they have a history of updating only after the official release. So expect a short period of glitches.

Hi, did try to find how to use Roon as super user, but can’t find what to do. Still can’t access the external HD. Can you help me?

With macOS Catalina Officially released, I guess the fix should be available in few days.

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