Roon not detecting one of my computers

Hi, roon can not see one of my computers.
I have the core running on a linux manjaro, roon bridge on nuc with a dac connected, and remote on a windows 11 machine. all that works fine.
i have another computer running debian linux with a dac connected, i can play tidal on that computer and tidal sees the dac. but roon remote can’t see that computer in the audio settings. i restarted everything including the router but nothing helps.
all those computers are wired connected to my router.
any ideas why this specific computer is not seen by roon remote?

Is the firewall on the unseen computer open to the Roon apps?

Are they all on the same subnet ?

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Yes all on the same subnet

I disabled the firewall on this machine, i can access it with other apps

Note that the core discovers remotes, so a firewall on a Linux core may prevent discovery working unless you’ve set up ICMP rules. What happens if you briefly drop the firewall?

You haven’t actually said you have Roon bridge installed on the Debian machine. Just confirming?

@James_I , You are right ! there was no roon bridge on the debian stupid mistake

I’m sorry, but it was my mistake and @James_I got me , i didn’t install roon bridge on the debian machine. now i did and its working.

Sorry to bother the forum for such a mistake.
and thank you for your help.

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