Roon not displaying all available Qobuz albums

For example, Dire Straits has 32 albums in Qobuz, only 20 showing in Roon. In particular, album Dire Straits live in Sydney is not showing in Roon. I have tried over several days, Roon sometimes shows 18, 20 and 22 albums, never all, and never the one mentioned above.


Is this the one you cannot see in Roon? If so then it might be a casualty of the new Valence AI deciding it was spam and not a legitimate album (see below). You might want to bring this up in the Support section to verify that this is indeed what is happening with this album; and, if so, give them feedback on it.

Spam filter

Like any large system, the music streaming supply chain invites abuse. Many “bad actor” labels release inauthentic recordings in an effort to get users to listen to their streams. Valence allows Roon to filter out this low-quality content and display only genuine releases.

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Hello @Alistair_Compton

Thank you for your question and for giving us the opportunity to explain what’s going on here. As @Rugby indicated, there are quite a few “grey market” releases that show up on streaming sites.

These releases are generally lower quality recordings that are not authorized by the performer or their parent recording label. Many, such as the release you cited, are off radio performances that were never intended or licensed for release.

While Roon is passionate about facilitating exploration and discovery of an artist’s catalog, we also respect an artist’s, or label’s, right to definite the work that meets their benchmark for quality.

We want to elevate your listening and discovery experience in Roon in every way we can. One of the ways we do that is by filtering out releases that didn’t meet the artist’s release standards.

I hope this helps explains why some titles that are available on our streaming partners’ services may not appear in Roon. We appreciate your understanding.


Thanks both, for explaining whats happening here, I understand. However, I presume that the albums that are on Qobuz, or indeed Tidal are quite legal, I am sure that neither platform would host any unauthorised albums or tracks? I think that a lot of users of either Qobuz or Tidal will use Roon exclusively to access the content, and therefore they could miss out on the full content of their subscription for the artists they like. In the case of the album I mentioned, it is a live recording and clearly is not of the same quality as other albums, but also has a “feel to it” that only live performances can bring. Perhaps Roon could consider displaying such albums under a heading that indicated that they were not released by the actual artist?
I had another thought on this. I think Roon displays all of my local content, for example if I bought the album mentioned above it would appear in my library. Now as I see it, while I have a current Qobuz subscription the albums/tracks in the Qobuz catalogue are mine to access as I choose, and therefore I don’t see why Roon would treat them differently to my local files?

Just got the album. When in ones local content it is shown in Roon with no problems. Seems a bit odd that it is necessary to purchase an album that is available on Qobuz to actually play it through Roon.

You should still be able to favourite an album in Qobuz, even if our filters mark it as junk. If you do this and it doesn’t appear in Roon, that’s a bug and it needs to be fixed.


I have marked the above album as a favourite in Qobuz, but it is not displaying in Roon. Who should I report this to? Is there a topic I should post it under?

Thanks for your help

My apologies @Alistair_Compton, I neglected to mention that adding it on the Qobuz side will generate its appearance in your Roon library.

There can be a slight delay in the sync time between adding it to your streaming service and it populating in Roon. To overcome this please go to Settings>Services>Qobuz>Edit>and click Sync library now. This will trigger a manual sync of any newly added content to your Qobuz favorites. Please let me know if this works for you!

Thanks Jamie,

After following your instructions the album appears in my library, but not in “My Qobuz” under favourite albums (in Roon). Any idea why it wouldn’t show there as well?



Hey @Alistair_Compton,

My apologies for the delayed response here. I’m very sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Did this album ever populate in your favorites on either your albums page or on your Qobuz tab under Browse?


Yes, it is fine, it was in my library from the start, then a few weeks later came into my Qobuz favourites.

Thanks for your help.