Roon not displaying an avatar image for artist

Came across something odd today. I was looking at my Artist page and as usual, some of the artists don’t have avatar images. So I thought maybe I can add one. I clicked on the avatar and in the artist page there is an image for the artist. Is there some reason why that image would not display as the avatar?

Roon uses two images for each artist. One is the banner which is what you see when you select the artist. The other is the avatar which is what you see in the circle in your library. They are different images. When you have a banner but no avatar it means there is no image of the right resolution and size for the avatar in Valence, but there is an image available for the banner. If you have an image for the avatar you can add it in Valence and when it’s approved it will show up.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Just as an FYI, if you really want the avatar image, you can add your own image using the artist>edit>add photo function. That image will then be used as the avatar.

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