Roon not displaying discographies of most artists

Roon Core Machine

AMD FX-8370, 32 GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP Link Archer A7 router, connected by Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Usually play via a Cambridge CXN V2.

Number of Tracks in Library

26,497 tracks

Description of Issue

The discographies of most of my artists are failing to come up; it hangs on the first screenshot below for a minute or two, before giving way to the second screenshot. Searching by album seems to work, as does playback when I’m able to bring up an album. Locally stored music is on a drive connected to my Roon core’s motherboard by SATA. I’m not having this problem with all artists, but I am with most.

Have you restarted the core machine. if so then also restart it again along with you networking gear including the router / modem and any other equipment in the chain.

also what are your DNS settings? Are you including or as often times ISP DNS can be somewhat questionable. Make sure no VPN is active too.

You missed listing your OS and Roon build

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Oops: I’m running Windows 10 Pro, Roon build 831. DNS is set to preferred, alternate But the problem seems to have solved itself, in any case: Iron Maiden and all other artists are now displaying their discographies. Thanks for the help! I’ll probably be back at some point. :slight_smile:

The problem last night was a partial outage of Roon’s backend servers. After several hours of problems felt at least in the Americas, late at night the issue was resolved. Nothing wrong on your side.

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