Roon not displaying multiple discs

I burned the 3 CD Bob Dylan 1970. I see the files on my hard drive, but Roon seems to think only the first disc exists. Can’t seem to fix this. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Hey @soyka0120,

It’s great to see you back! Sorry about the trouble - we’d love to help.

Sometimes, Roon may mistakenly consider an album a duplicate (e.g. similar artist, similar album info, similar length, etc.). Could you please check if the other two albums are listed under the Versions tab?

Thanks in advance :pray:

No i did check that, the other CDs aren’t showing as Versions. I even rebooted thinking that might make them show up, but alas no. Haven’t had this problem before with multi-disc sets.

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Maybe something: scrolled all the way down in the album screen?

Did you rip the CD using Roon/Rock/Nucleus, or on a computer and then copied the files over?

A computer and copied over. I have a sonictransporter i9 with CD ripper, but for some reason it didn’t recognize Bob Dylan 1970.

Hey @soyka0120,

Thanks for all the steps you’ve taken already. Any chance you could try re-ripping ? Maybe just one CD?

Thanks @Rugby and @Jan_Willem for joining in on the conversation. Your help is appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I did try that. So what happened was that initially I only saw Disc 2. After re-ripping I saw Disc one. I actually did the initial ripping on the sonictransporter. When the 3 CDs weren’t showing, I ripped them again on my Mac and copied them over. Still only see Disc One.

Just ripped a two CD set and no problem seeing both. For what difference it makes, I don’t think this CD exists on any streaming services, if that should matter in terms of tagging and associating. I have sometimes ripped multi-CD sets that appear as single albums, but at least the appear somewhere. Not so the case with this.

When I go to Identify the album, Roon seems to know that there are there CDs. But I can’t get it to display all three. Just the one CD.