Roon not finding ADI-2 DAC FS

Hi. I’m a long-term Roon user but I’m a bit stumped with this…

I’ve got a new Lenovo desktop Ryzen 5 running Win 10 Pro (2004). I’ve installed Roon but I can’t get my RME ADI-2 DAC FS to appear in the Settings | Audio dialog to enable USB output from my new PC to the RME Dac.

I’ve installed the latest RME ASIO driver for my DAC and updated the DAC firmware and rebooted numerous times but Roon can’t see the DAC.

I’m getting sound coming via the DAC on USB from all other apps on my new PC - but just not via Roon.

Any thoughts please?



Check that your windows firewall or av is not blocking Roon. Check that roon.exe and RAATServer have full permissions.

Brilliant thanks CrystalGypsy. Permissions were already set as Full but firewall needed a bit of tweaking. Now all is working great! Thanks again