Roon not finding allmusic review

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon 1.7 build 610

Description Of Issue

I have a couple of soundtrack albums which aren’t finding their correct AllMusic review.

Bounce soundtrack

Trying to reidentify the album here

But it settles on the UK edition


The Wood

The review is blank here.

Locally I have these files and have used MusicBrainz for identification and tagging.


It looks like there is a UK version which has a different number of tracks than the standard version. It’s possible that the tracks you have for this album more closely resemble the UK version, so it’s choosing that one by default.

When you’re re-identifying, if you choose “None of these look right”, you should be able to find the non-UK version and you can select that manually. This version does have a review.

The Wood

For this one it looks like we just have limited data and a review does not exist from any of our sources.

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Thanks, The Wood does have a review

Thanks, @Gareth_Brown.

You’re right, it looks like we have two versions that aren’t matched up, causing one of them to not have a review. I’ll look into this with the team.

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Thanks, I appreciate it!